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Mit Matshediso Bk Ebudilwe startet das erste Mal eine Bikerin aus Botswana am Trainingscup. Was dahinter steckt und welche Ziele sie verfolgt erzählt sie uns im Interview:

OK Trainingcup:

Hi B.k., thanks for taking the time to give us a short interview.

What I nice surprise to had you participating on our race today. It is quite
special that a women who is representing the country Botswana starts in one
of our Trainingscup races.

So, please tell us a bit about yourself?


I am 21 year old and I am coming from Botswana Africa. I am currently leave
in the World Cycling center in Aigle.

Today was my first mountain bike race outside Africa. Originally I am coming
from the road race sector but currently by focus is in cross country

I am the current national mountain bike champion in Botswana and I got
nominated to participate in the UCI mountain bike program where I am
preparing myself to reach the Olympic qualification. My goal is to get
qualified for the Olympics 2020 which take place in Tokyo Japan. 

OK Trainingcup:

We would like to know how have heard about our event?


My coach told be me about the Trainingscup Race in Uhwiesen. The event was
published on Swiss-Cycling webpage and together we have decided to check  it
out and so we have planned to race here.

OK Trainingcup:

Well - this is a regional race. What was the reason you decided to start
here and not somewhere else?


Since I am quite new in Mountain Biking my coach I plan to go "step by step"
and the description of the Trainingscup purpose was fitting perfectly.  This
allowed me to adjust to the European races. Many things are completely
different compared to the races I have done back in Botswana or other
Africana countries.

Back there the races are flat and do not have these technical parts. As well
the altitude makes quite a difference. In Botswana we are below sea-level.

OK Trainingcup:

What is your goal for the season 2018?


Beside  gaining more experience my main goal is for later this season. 

I am planning to start in the world championship race in Lenzerheide to
represent my country Botswana.

OK Trainingcup:

Do you see the possibility to come back in 2 weeks for the final round of
the Traningscup 2018 which takes place on April 21st?


Yes. I am planning to return to Uhwiesen for the final round and I am
excited to race again on this interesting course.

I really liked the race today. Although it was a challenging course with the
uphill and the combination of the technical parts I made fun and I have
gained valuable experience.

OK Trainingcup:

The Trainingscup team is very happy to had you here in Uhwiesen and wishes
you all the best for your future races and looking forward to April 21st.